EQUALITY - Mark Bryan

What does EQUALITY mean to you and Why is it important?

EQUALITY means to me that a person can choose to wear whatever they want. If a women wants to wear men’s clothes then she should be able to do so without fear of being labeled a lesbian. A man wearing the same clothes should not have his sexuality questioned. So with having equality regarding clothing, sexually orientation should not be in the discussion.

Mark Bryan
"Am I a straight man when wearing pants, but as soon as I change into a skirt, I’m gay?"

Nowadays most women can wear men’s clothes without the fear of having a sexual label being applied. Then why if a man chooses to wear women’s clothes he is automatically assumed to be gay. Shouldn’t the same unwritten rules apply? Granted, more men that wear women’s clothes are in fact gay, whereas most women wearing men’s clothes are not. But what does sexuality have to do with what you are wearing?

What a person wears does not change the person. Men and women should be treated the same regardless of what they wear.

- Mark Bryan 

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