"The demand for racial equality, diversity and inclusion is an ongoing one."

"I live in a world that makes your feel as if a black individual should not obtain a certain amount of wealth and stature. This stigma is constantly being thrown at me, especially me being very involved in the business world, having to defend myself and standing my ground, speaking my truth and being proud of my skin color is a battle I face in simple daily transactions. Something as simple as depositing money at the bank, I’m first looked upon with eyes that I feel that I know what they’re thinking and it just makes me feel sometimes less than equal. 

My mother is a smart business woman and she hasn’t worked for anyone her entire life. I wanted to emulate and be that example in my family that continues to do business and be successful at it. Even in times I see the challenges that she goes through as a black women and as I walk through the same challenges, I didn’t want to give into the negative situations. I want everyone to understand that my adversities are also my strength and my mother always inspires me to believe in myself, stay true to my vision, stand tall in my skin and despite encountering moments that make me feel less than, remember who I am and stand strong.

The demand for racial equality, diversity and inclusion is an ongoing one and I believe more businesses should contribute by using their platform to educate others and spread awareness on various movements and supporting inclusivity. 

We have made huge strides of improvement, the challenges faced today lays as foundation for awareness for tomorrow and it’s really good to see fashion brand having such a devoted, welcoming team and incorporating these awareness into their company’s values and apparel design shaping for a better future."

-Trey Latty, Lizbell Agency

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