Our Story

Ryan Li is a luxury fashion label with a mission to empower you through thoughtfully designed garments that transcend sociocultural boundaries and expectations - be it gender, race, belief - to fearlessly express all your quirks and edges.

Led by a persistent vision and tension between social values and artful rebellion, the fight against social norms is a never-ending one and we are fully committed to empowering individuality. 

Drawing from a myriad of inspirations, Ryan Li constantly finds his design reflective of a culture that is embedded in the streets, or the sensuality of human touch and connection, while sometimes alluding to modernist architectural forms and lines. Each piece from our collections allows you to declutter to the very simplistic versatility of urban living yet is painstakingly tailored to ensure a sophisticated look. We believe that true luxury lies in its hard-crafted, considered effortlessness. The past serves as your guide, and you can throw away the old boundaries and decide how luxury applies to you.

In this rich tapestry of our life, Ryan Li believes that the only style that matters to you is the one you create yourself. The Ryan Li label communicates a fluid understanding of fashion through pieces that are designed with quality and to be worn without rules, only you can decide how it can be worn.

“Ryan Li Creatives” was co-founded in 2020 by Ryan Li and 3 other friends. Now consisting of a collective of experienced creatives based between Toronto, Vancouver, Hong Kong and London. Our future is globally connected.