Press Release - March 2021

Known for Smashing Societal Norms and Empowering Individuality Through Gender-Inclusive Looks, RYAN Li’s Latest Collection Pays Tribute to the Trials of 2020

(Toronto, ON) - They say fashion is subjective but is it truly subjective or subjective within borders? The fashion industry, while versatile in its inspiration and use of creativity, still far too often falls into socio-cultural constructs of race, gender, and beliefs. Award-winning designer RYAN LI is on a purpose-driven mission to redefine what fashion means by empowering individuals to express their truest selves through gender-inclusive designs that tell a story. In the latest collection YESTERDAY, RYAN LI explores the impact of the global pandemic human psyche with an overarching theme that society will always rise above in times of crisis. 

YESTERDAY tells the story of urban lockdown living and the individual struggle of millions trying to navigate a new norm. The human spirit is incredibly resilient, proving time and time again that redemption is always on the horizon; Ryan LI paints this picture stitch by stitch. Featuring luxury fabrics and dark tones to parallel the dark days faced in the past year, RYAN LI masterfully crafts garments that provide an image of transformation on a global scale.

Following the brand mission, YESTERDAY is a gender-inclusive collection that depicts modern luxury in an urban environment. Pieces are not specified to one gender, race, belief system, or any other social construct; creating a platform for individuality and expression of identity, however one sees fit. From sleek suiting to trench coats with an innovative flair, this collection contrasts dark tones with exciting cuts to transform this idea of finding purpose amidst the chaos. 

While 2020 was certainly not the world’s year, RYAN LI’s work reminds society that even in the darkest of times, there is always an opportunity to rise above and embrace the future with hope and courage to begin again. 

Through proof of concept, dedication to the craft, and unwavering dedication to empowering individuality; RYAN LI’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition with his “YESTERDAY” collection. 

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About RYAN LI Creatives

RYAN LI is a luxury fashion label based in Toronto, ON. Co-founded in 2020 by Ryan LI, he and three of his closest friends envisioned a clothing line that connects global communities through an unparalleled social experience. RYAN LI Creatives is on a purpose-driven mission to empower and inspire individuals through meticulously designed garments that transcend socio-cultural boundaries and expectations by pushing boundaries and encouraging everyone to express their individuality beyond traditional constructs of gender, race, and beliefs. Drawing inspiration from all cultures. walks of life, and human connections, the RYAN LI Creatives collective is an intercontinental group of talent spanning from locations that include Toronto, Vancouver, Hong Kong, and London. Each collection is designed with top-quality fabrics that redefines urban life while breaking every rule of traditionalism with artful rebellion.

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